What Is Cannabinol (CBN) and How is it Beneficial?

Since the recent ban on all things related to cannabis was lifted, there has been an increasing interest in the many almost fantastic benefits of the unusual plant.  When we stop to consider the amazing chemical construction of the plant we find there are over 80 known cannabinoids
Until recently, THC was the only cannabinoid anyone cared about, due to its psychoactive properties. Thanks to all the recent interest in the cannabis family, the scientific community is discovering other absorbing cannabinoids. CBN, or cannabinol, is one such example.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabinol (CBN)?
Cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal plants to be cultivated by the earliest civilizations. Records from ancient China, the Middle East, and Europe show how this plant was used to treat the pain of menstruation, childbirth, dental conditions and even used to counter the effects of insomnia.
Today we know that it is CBD that has the insomnia fighting properties due to its high sedative content.

CBD also has anti-bacterial properties to provide. According to a study performed in 2008 by the Italian medical community, CBD “showed potent activity against MRSA” (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) if used as a topical agent. Topical applications have also shown promise in addressing other skin conditions including psoriasis and burns.
While more research is being done each day and still much is lacking, CBN has the possibility of being used to treat injury and infection topically. Even to the extent that it can be used to stimulate bone growth. More research will confirm the magnitude of this application, but it is also entirely possible that CBD can be the next big cure for those suffering osteoporosis.

Cannabinol Can Reflect The Age Of Your Cannabis

When you are looking for the best strains to treat your medicinal needs, it is important to rely on proper lab testing to know for sure what you are getting. Many testing facilities can provide you with a full cannabinoid profile for their medications. Knowing the quality of the strains you are using can help you make the most of your experience.
Strains with lots of CBD is associated with being sedative and can be used to treat insomnia effectively. Because CBD is produced as THC degrades, cannabis that is not stored in an airtight container will begin to increase the amount of CBD and decrease the THC. This simple solution can help prepare the best Insomnia medication possible. Cannabinol is typically extracted from specific species of hemp plants that have tested for high CBN Content.

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