The Many Benefits of Cannabis

While most people hear the word cannabis and think only of the uses that it has as a recreational drug, there are a huge number of benefits that come from the plant that has nothing to do with personal pleasure. Many of these uses are medical, but some are surprisingly domestic as well.

The first medical benefit that most people know about is the ability to control nausea, making it so that medical patients with issues keeping down food can keep up their energy levels. This can work well with the component in some strands of marijuana that creates higher levels of hunger, encouraging people who need to gain weight or eat more to do better over time.

The next use is the ability for extracted components of the plant to help prevent seizures or to stop them as they start. This option has fewer side effects than more traditional treatment methods and doesn’t lead to issues like loss of bone density.

Cannabis can be used to create hemp, which makes comfortable clothing. The fibers can be harvested within six months from planting, and have nothing at all to do with drugs. The dress created from them is soft, comparable to bamboo fiber clothing, and helps support communities that would otherwise have little income. Hemp is also rather easy on the soil, making it a better alternative to plants that cause large scale erosion difficulties.Canna Close Up

Another more common use is to create paper. This article is easier on the environment than paper made out of tress and is more durable, For many art projects and things like calligraphy, it also tends to hold ink better, creating a better canvas.

Finally, cannabis can be used to build a bio-fuel, powering cars and machinery in an extremely efficient fashion. Because you can grow an entire field of hemp in 3 to 4 months, it is one of the best plants to use for bio fuel. T allows for multiple harvests every single year and can be processed with microscopic waster.

There are other uses such as the creation of hemp milk, strong hemp cords, religious purposes, and more, but overall cannabis is an extremely unusual plant. It is an environmentally friendly solution to a huge number of problems facing the world today and in the future.

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