About Us


  • ALL is science driven. It should focus on the making, disseminating, and invention of science, and should work with, but not become, a policy-making apparatus. A scientific sensibility and temperament should be at its core.
  • ALL is pan-national. It should operate in every country of the world, and as much as possible employ the ideas and labors of local inhabitants, and amplify the knowledge of local experts. The knowledge we are seeking is of all species for all people.
  • ALL is decentralized. While it requires a headquarters, this should be one node of many in a network of nodes spread across the globe. The key species information, as well as its administration, should reside in multiple places, in multiple formats, with multiple perspectives. Redundancy and inefficiencies are virtues.
  • ALL is open-source. The tools developed by ALL, as well as its scientific knowledge, should be transparent, tweakable, easy to improve by enthusiasts, open to change, and universally accessible. Open source does not mean everything is free.
  • ALL is fast, lean and nimble, at the top. All effort will be made to keep resources flowing to the front lines first and to keep administrative functions flexible and minimal. Speed is emphasized.
  • ALL is promiscuous. It will make allies and cooperate with anyone and everyone, including “competition.” It prefers to use and promote tools made by others.
  • ALL is temporary. So that energy will not be funneled into making castles, large glass buildings, and legacy institutions, ALL will cease to exist in 25 years when its mission to compile a list of all species is completed. Since its only legacy will be the Inventory and its tools, it can devote 100% of its effort to creating these.