About Agarwood Trees & Oil

In this article, we will discuss Agarwood.  is a dark, resinous wood that is used in perfume and incense. The aroma of the wood is complicated and very soothing, having been described as being woody in an Oriental fashion, even having an underlying scent of fruit. Agarwood, while being used in perfumes and fragrances, is also an essential oil.


There are a variety of methods for Agarwood as oil and some benefits that it provides as well. One of the uses of Agarwood essential oil is for pain relief. It is anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-rheumatic, meaning it can help with easing pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. If you are someone who prefers to use natural treatments over medication sold in stores, Agarwood essential oil could be an excellent choice the next time you need relief from pain.

Another reason to use Agarwood oil is for the digestive system. This essential oil helps with some digestive issues, one of them being relief from a buildup of gas. A few drops of tea works as a laxative, and when Agarwood essential oil is massaged gently into the belly, it helps settle bloating as well as indigestion.

Agarwood essential oil is also used cosmetically. Adding it to your skin routine can help you see a difference in tone and complexion. To use this outstandning oil this way, only add a few drops of it to your cleanser and use your cleanser twice a day, morning and night. Not only will you see a difference in your skin, but you will also enjoy the wonderful woody fragrance Agarwood is known for.

Agarwood has interesting facts that surround it, such as having been called, in burning form, the “scent of Nirvana” by none other than Buddha. The smoke from this precious wood was also used to provide a pleasing scent to the armor that was employed by Samurai warriors years and years ago. Utilized and praised throughout the years, the wood, scent, and essential oil is clearly much loved.

In conclusion, if you enjoy using essential oil, Agarwood is one that should not be missing from your collection. With many uses, benefits, and not to mention the pleasing scent it gives off, you are sure to enjoy this oil whole-heartedly. Purchase a bottle of  essential oil. This scent of Nirvana will be a favorite of yours in no time.

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