3 Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil In Your Daily Life

Tea tree oil is an oil that has been around for many years. This oil is known to be useful in a variety of situations. Here you will learn how you can use tea tree oil to your benefit and incorporate it into your daily life. It is an oil that is one of a kind and can lead to great things when used correctly. Keep reading to learn three ways you can use this oil in your life.

Tea tree oil is known to be an effective treatment for acne. This oil has antibacterial properties that will heal acne unlike anything else. This is also an excellent treatment for cysts or any other skin inflammation that you are dealing with. Just apply a small amount of tea tree oil to clean, dry skin twice a day. You will notice your acne clearing up in as little as just a day. Use caution when using this oil as it can dry out skin. You should be sure you use it as a spot treatment and apply it to each affected area.

This oil can eliminate nail fungus. If you have tried other remedies to no avail, give tea tree oil a shot. It has been proven to effectively treat and cure nail fungus. Apply a drop to the affected nails twice a day. Within a week you will notice the nail fungus starts clearing up.


Use tea tree oil to treat bad breath. It is known to cure it completely. Since tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, it kills germs that cause bad breath. To use this oil as a mouthwash, simply mix five drops of tea tree oil to 2 cups of water. Rinse twice a day with this mouthwash, and you will notice a difference the first time you use it.

Tea tree oil is a great oil to use to protect yourself from lice and to get rid of it. Simply mix a few drops in with hairspray and spray your hair or your child’s hair once a day. This will prevent lice because they don’t like the smell of it.

These are just three ways that tea tree oil can be used. Try these remedies, and you will be so glad you did. It’s a natural oil that can make a huge difference in your life.

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