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Within this section of the website, users may access PDFs or follow links to pertinent documents that describe the value of biodiversity, inventory, and discovery in the ALL Species Resource Center.

The E-Type Resource Center was created for use by anyone interested specifically in the E-Type and E- Description Initiative. It contains information about the first NSF funded Strategic Workshop on e-types held in November 2002 as well as diverse documents and links to image databases, imaging technologies, and other valuable information.

Participatory Swikis have been created for use by everyone interested in biodiversity issues. A Swiki is a collaborative website where anyone can edit and create pages. A Swiki is implemented in Squeak, a Smalltalk with a liberal license. It was inspired by Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb (Squeak + Wiki = Swiki). Swiki was created by Mark Guzdial's Collaborative Software Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Swikis are dynamic and relatively easy tools that allow users to upload documents/files and to edit existing text within each Swiki. Everyone is encouraged to visit the two Swiki sites below and to expand the resources and value contained in the websites by adding comments, references, and new files or links.

If you wish to edit or upload, please follow the simple tutorial by clicking on the *help* button on the bottom of the left column within the Swiki before you attempt to perform these tasks. But if you just want to browse and read, no tutorial is needed.