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The ALL Species Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years - a human generation.

To describe and classify all of the surviving species of the world deserves to be one of the great scientific goals of the new century.

In applied science, this completion of the Linnaean enterprise is needed for effective conservation practices, and for impact studies of environmental change.

In basic science, it is a key element in the maturing of ecology, including the grasp of ecosystem functioning and of evolutionary biology. It also offers an unsurpassable adventure: the exploration of a little-known planet.

ALL Species
With continued support from our 2003 sponsors, ALL Species will remain located at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco with one full time staff person. In addition, a new partnership agreement with Conservation International will fund one half time ALL Species representative at their Washington DC office.

Integral to ALL's primary mission is encouraging new funding opportunities for inventory, and we are proud to report that our partnership with the National Science Foundation helped to establish a $14M fund for Planetary Biodiversity Inventories. We are pleased to announce the first four awardees of this significant new program:
  • Dr. Lynn Bohs-University of Utah, Solanum: a Worldwide Treatment
  • Dr. Larry Page- Florida Museum of Natural History, All Catfish Species
  • Dr. Randall Schuh-American Museum of Natural History, Phytophagous Insects (plant bugs)
  • Dr. Fred Spiegel-University of Arkansas, Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoans (slimemolds)

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